Tuesday, 31 December 2013


新年快乐! 旧的一年过去了,在这新的一年,我不敢保证我会变得更好,可是变得更瘦是一定要的! 哈哈
2013 年最后一天去倒数是我人生中的第一次也是有男友伴我度过第一个倒数。。
听说陪你在13年跨年的人很特别,因为他是陪你1314 的人。。
他 是我想要度过一生一世的人 <3

Sunday, 22 December 2013


Oh yea you hurt me damn bad bitch!
I treat you like my own sister but you treated me like shit
I always offer you helps and I never ask for return
but it doesn't mean that you can take it as granted

I'm really disappointed..
I thought I've touched you and you will change
After you read the letter that I've written to you
You promised me you will change but you didn't
Things just go worse after that incident
Our friendship is like broken mirror that never gonna be repaired.
I don't expect much, I don't need any return from you..
I just wish that you could change your attitude.

Did you ever think properly?
Why those friends that you have at first have all leave you alone?
Have you ever think?
Is it your own attitude problem or you consider it as others' problem?

When one saying you're wrong maybe he or she might be wrong
but when everyone around you saying you're wrong
It must be a truth

I have lost hope on you
We're not going back to those old time
I will not treat you as enemy as its not worth for me to think about you anymore
Just, I had learned a good lesson from you
Never treat a person with all your heart even you assume he or she is your best friend
because our assumption is an illusion
Its a hypothesis and we can only proof it at the end

I will not trust anyone so easily anymore.
I will not care about you anymore
So just fucking get out of my life
I'm fed up of trying to approach you
I'm mad on you because you're such a fucking duplex people
Talk goods in front of me but talk bads behind me
I'm enough of your drama
If can I really hope I don't have to fake smile to you anymore
It's tiring!

Friday, 20 December 2013

晴 十二月十九日


从不懂 感兴趣 到喜欢上它
想要考好这一科 却办不到

老师 谢谢您!

可 心里还是惦记着烹饪那一科

Sunday, 1 December 2013

搞清楚真相后 我真的真的不想面对
原来我 让你们勉强了
原来 你后悔了?

原来 没有早一点 是这一个原因
我一直以来都是你的 问题