Thursday, 25 September 2014

Semester 2

Time flies, the first week of school just passed with a blink of eye.
I don't even ready for it. 
My first thought for MPU subject was bored, unimportant for me and it must be subject that easy to score.
Okay, I was wrong, totally.
It doesn't seems easy now.
Week 1 briefing about those assignments and project.
Week 2 start doing proposal all sort of things.
Week 3 submit proposal.
Week 4 start doing presentation or project.
Week 5 onward, test come one by one as usual. 

This semester I don't expect much as I don't want to give myself any pressure yet.
Just hope that this semester I'll work harder than previous semester.

Semester Two seems cool for me. 
Short study time and longer revision time for me 
although I don't seem like will use that time to study anyway xD

Its only the beginning of semester two, but I've started to feel stress in myself.
I feel breathless for several times, I can't sleep at night. 
Every way of getting sleep that I could surf in the net is not helping me.
Its been some sleepless nights these days.

Anyway, nothing to complain about this semester, 
nothing bad happen yet lol
I appreciated every single things that I have now.
Family, Love, Friendship

The biggest blessing for a teen, a college student is having a car and drive it to school,
no need to squeeze self into an always-full-bus that drive double the duration of the journey.

Other than that, having a family that always encourage me, telling me that I can make it.
Although it stress me sometime, but it warms me all the time.

The other blessing is having a soul mate that knows me well, love me and care for me.
Answer all my god damn requests, forgive all my nonsense and my bad temper. 

Not to forget, friends that always be by my side physically and mentally.
I appreciate my college friends that always help me when I needed helps.
I appreciate every gathering I had with my old friends.
I appreciate every laughter that we shared.

As I said, my attitude is always depends on how you treat me,
If you treat me well, I'll treat you better,
but if you talk bad behind me, I'll just ignore you and treat you as transparent body.

so, if you found yourself don't like me, just back off
Ahahahahhahahahha xD
That's all for today. Byeeeeeeeeeeeee! :*

Thursday, 18 September 2014

生日快乐 我对你说

现在想想 好像有些幼稚,谁先发又有什么关系呢?
长大了 才发现 其实心意最重要! 所谓千里送鹅毛,礼轻情意重

虽然说今天少了ah kim, 有一点伤心....
可是一切都不错,大家都玩得开心 也很累!

我亲爱的姐妹 Ting Mei Zhuen, 生日快乐!
又老了一岁了,赶快找个好归属 嫁了吧!

生日快乐!! ;)

Official Notice

Mum asked me to study in Penang ever since I graduated from high school, I insist to.
Lastly, as you know, I came back to Penang to study accountancy. 
Its like, I should listen to my mum at first, but I know, if I did, I will always regret for not chasing my dream, and
I might not be able to meet him anyway.

Today, the day of result released. I got 3.5 
It sounds awesome, I think its awesome too,
but I know I can score even better,
I gave it up the very last min.
I don't really focus on my exam
I don't study well on study week.

Maybe this is the lesson to me, 
Don't study too hard at the beginning.

Somehow, the most important thing is,
finally I dare to tell people that,
I don't study science anymore. 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

bluekkkkkk :pppp


今天看到他 为了买水给我吃药,跑到气喘喘的样子

有时候 打自己只为了看他生气 心疼的样子
虽然生气又舍不得骂我 只能像小媳妇般 哄我 纠正我
觉得很好笑 可是又得憋着,都快得内伤了!
有时候真的很想每天生病让你来照顾我!! xDD

因为你 很多时候 我都觉得 很幸福! <3

Friday, 5 September 2014

Loner's post :x

Waiting is what I have been doing these days..
Waiting not only need patience but love and understanding to do it.
I'm a failed gf, doing this is hard for me but I'm trying.

Trying to forget him, don't want to think about him, find something to do,
make myself busy whole day, I don't text him first, I don't ask him to find me etc
I feel so bored sighsssss :( I dont want to be loner! Helppppppppppp :/