Monday, 20 October 2014


I'd been working to make our charity project a success.
CHARITY, maybe we have the different goal.
What charity meant to me is, doing kind things, so we should try our very best to achieve it

I had did whatever I could to make it a success.

Leader should always energetic on the planning of project
If leader doesn't show enthusiasm, how would members feel?
If I were that kind of not really interested in that project, were everyone interested to do it too?

No one has the guts to tell me they don't want to do?

Please lahhh, do you know what is proposal?
Throw in every ideas and then only we decide things that we really want to do after the approval
but, things that not included in the proposal cannot be use.
I don't know throwing every single ideas into the proposal was such a mistake.

You guys gave me more ideas, I've to add it into the proposal, edit it again and again.

Did I complain? 20% for proposal. If you write selling bookmark la selling cookies bla bla bla
interesting??????  I feel like laughing

If you guys have your own leader to work behind me, then don't choose me at the first place.

Its definitely a wrong decision. The one that lead you guys behind should be the leader.

If I'm really your good friend, 

you won't working behind like this,
because you know I WILL BE REALLY SAD
obviously you're not my good friend anyway.

If I'm really your good friend, 

you wouldn't have abandoned me when come to grouping.

Friend is not having fun together, 

and when come to the place that I couldn't benefits you, 
Yea, you did.

You guys had made your decision obviously,

and then come and ask for my opinion,
Do I really have a choice?

And then questioned me like I'm a suspect.

I cried hard for the night.
I was in a clinic with my mum, 
I had to control my tears, my emotional,
so that my mum wouldn't know what is happening.

I don't know what have I done, until a leader become a suspect then a prison.

The next day everyone don't want to talk with me.
You said I didn't listen to your objection, I really didn't heard any objection on photo shooting stuff.
other than that, yes. I did and I did respond.
but I know I can't simply make decision.
I call for a meeting so that everyone could express what their wants
Ok, great, they post a status in our tutorial group,
kinda like scold me for the meeting as everyone going back, like I know?
question me even after I say yes, I say yes when they ask because I respect all of them.
but seems like, they don't respect me anyway.

Now, I don't see any reason that I should treat you guys nice.

I've told you all before,
if you treat me well, I'll treat you better, 
but if you talk bad behind me, I'll ignore you.
I'm trying my very best to ignore all of you.
If things just getting worse, I'll change class, don't worry! ;)

Forgive but never forget

May god bless you that you won't meet any backstabber in future.

Monday, 13 October 2014

almost 1 year xD

现在是个幸福小岛 <3

有人爱, 有人疼, 我是幸福的女生! 

Monday= Dating <3
because of you, Monday no longer blues.

感恩身边的朋友对我的不离不弃,对我的关心爱护~ 爱你们哟~

感谢大哥 把我当妹妹~ xD 对我十分照顾

感谢我college 同学对我极度忍耐、帮助,你们 我缺一不可 xD 全部都是我的~~~ XDDDDD

Miss my friend who stay in Malacca. 

chou peng who kiam pa all the time but always the one who willing to help when gets into trouble.


HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA Write in two different languages :p because someone here don't read chinese xD 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


不要求回报 因为很开心有第二个家

你们对我是不理不睬 不管那好几年的情谊
被邀请进去后 又无缘无故被踢出来




以后 有什么事情 不要找我

我是压力到 累到 昨天直接垮倒 差点晕倒
星期六、日 忙到疯,计划这个 计划那个
压力大 胃口不好 睡眠差 

以后选 leader 别找我了
就让我当一个 无名小卒吧