Monday, 28 April 2014

Semester break

One month of holiday, without freedom, mum will just stop me from going out.
This month gonna be bored, and the thing I hate the most is I can't see him

After semester break, I'm gonna back to Kampar alone, he'll be staying at penang,
I just can't imagine the life after semester break,
 imagine no one gonna sing goodnight songs for me.
No one bringing me for supper (keep  fit)
No one hug me when I sleep, no one wipe my tears when I cry.
No one for me to cubit, no hug nothing.
No one will watch movie with me,
No one will teach me
No one will take care of me when I'm sick
No one will stand by my side when I got bullied by others.

I'll be missing him all the time.

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