Tuesday, 29 April 2014

This is it

I'm done with it.
Its time to cut off all those food that will make me fat
No cheese, no sweet drinks, no chocolate top, no ice cream, no junk food, no fast food.

I wanted to start exercise, maybe go for jogging but don't know how to start.
okay lo, now I got some hints from my dagege

That massage master tell me,
no sleep late, no hot bath and must exercise.
Sleep early and wake up early, good for study and my body.
Sounds great, just wanted to have a try.

My whole back bone hurt and its like "tied" together, the way Chinese describe it.
Massage my back bone and legs, it costs me rm30 O.O
I wonder how much I have paid for my weak body? :x

I want lose FAT!!!!!

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