Thursday, 18 September 2014

Official Notice

Mum asked me to study in Penang ever since I graduated from high school, I insist to.
Lastly, as you know, I came back to Penang to study accountancy. 
Its like, I should listen to my mum at first, but I know, if I did, I will always regret for not chasing my dream, and
I might not be able to meet him anyway.

Today, the day of result released. I got 3.5 
It sounds awesome, I think its awesome too,
but I know I can score even better,
I gave it up the very last min.
I don't really focus on my exam
I don't study well on study week.

Maybe this is the lesson to me, 
Don't study too hard at the beginning.

Somehow, the most important thing is,
finally I dare to tell people that,
I don't study science anymore. 

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