Saturday, 26 October 2013


Everything is frightened me out. Stomach and bone pain for days like never gonna recover again..
Every night I cant sleep well as my ribs and stomach pain simultaneously.. I'm afraid to eat medicine but I forced myself to eat it as I want to recover.. Its really suffer..

Mum seems like have a strong six sense about my health.. These few days, she's been asking again and again about my health but I know if I tell her the truth, she will worry like hell.. She might worry about me until every night can't sleep well..

I'm homesick.. I wish to go home.. Ya, this Friday going back, but mum's going to Singapore for trip.. Brother going to Taiwan again for 10 days trip... Home without mum isn't home.. I miss my mum so much.. T.T

No mum delicious cook and warm ginger tea
All alone for 4 days 3 nights.. So scaryyyyyyyyy :/

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