Saturday, 31 August 2013

Rainy day

Its raining cats and dogs out there.
My senior had told me to go church few days ago and he reminded me this evening..
Its raining since 6pm until now..
I am starving.. no food.. some more get curse?

What is meant by,
" Still have rain? I see.. no umbrella? If still rain.. then just pray la.. If not come den all the best to your final la.. God bless.."

Who is him now to curse me for I didn't go to church service..
I didn't mean it, its really heavy rain out there..
I'm a pedestrian! I don't have car!
NOT the first time he say like that..
I'm not PANTANG but I hate his attitude!

Dude, you really make me mad..
Don't call me.. I wont pick up! D:

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